Tuesday, December 30, 2008

They're Back!!!

I've been gone for over a week. I went to Chris and Angela's house for a great week of "Doggie Daycare"! No one told me there would be other dogs over there. I've never had so much fun. I even got to sleep on the beds which mom never lets me do, she makes me go to my own bed. Santa came and left me some toys but I was a kind dog and shared with the other dogs. I am glad to be home and I think the squirrels missed me. Mom refilled the bird feeder so the blue jays and squirrels will be at that in the morning. If I am lucky I might be able to catch one. Have a Happy New Year and stay home where it is warm and toasty. That is what I will be doing.

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Andria said...

Glad your week was a busy one. Our was too! I bet your tail was a waggin' when Maw and Paw came to get you! What a good girl to share your toys - I hope they are still in good shape. Did you like your new collar Mom got you? I want to see pictures. Enjoy that pellet stove warmth - sure wish I had it!

~Auntie, Roxy and Fred