Thursday, December 4, 2008

Did you see me, did you see me?...

I'm there, right on the corner of the family Christmas card. I got top billing...right in the middle of the ornament. Mom said she could not leave me out because I am always around, good or bad! I think I look pretty cute myself. Mom has only gotten two comments on the cards so maybe they are a bit much for some people. On the other hand it might exhaust some people thinking of running around with all 8 of those kids. Actually I have a good time with them. They are much more energetic than my parents who just throw balls and snacks at me. The snacks I must say are quite good. Especially those "Beggan' Strips" that mom gets me sometimes. They probably aren't too great on my waistline so I will have to get a little more exercise. I wonder what Santa is going to bring me? Mom and Dad will be gone and I will be at Angela and Chris's house for the holidays. Maybe they will bring me a new collar from Disney World. I wonder if there are such things as Mickey collars? A new leash to match would be good also. OK, time for my snack, see ya later!!!!!


Andria said...

Do you prefer Mickey or Minnie? No Pluto? Goofy? I'm sure your Mom and Dad will miss you terribly and find the perfect souvenir for you (..and if it's a big Pluto bone, you can share it with me, K?)

Keep chasing those squirrels.. it'll help with those holiday lbs.


Anonymous said...

Hope you have a good time at Chris' and I hope you don't get all itchy again. I am sure your Mom and Dad will bring you a suprise........Mika says hello from your loyal friend Ann