Friday, November 7, 2008

Dear Barney....

I am so sorry you had a bad day yesterday but you have gone and disgraced our breed. You must never bite reporters or other people in the White House. You only have a few more weeks left at the White House and you will be going home to Texas where you won't have to deal with reporters anymore. Hang tight and have a great holiday. You always look nice at Xmas with your big red bow. If you are good you might even find a treat under your tree. Tell Miss Beazley hi and please behave yourself. 

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Andria said...

Oh Gertie, you can bite my ankles anytime. I love it! What Barney did shouldn't have been released to the public to make him look this way. We all know you are the ankle-biting breed... just stay away from those humans! If you are disappointed in something...FRAP! Frap away! Yes, soon Barney and the Mrs. will be home free on the range... and then they'll have to learn to stay away from horse ankles!